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Departure - The Big Day

"Last minute packing is the only acceptable minute for packing" - Gabriel, my future flatmate

Hello dear friends and strangers who found their way here! Thank you for taking your prescious time to read what I am writing!

As some of you know, I love writing, and this is one of many attempts at creating something lasting. Alas, now I have got the opportunity to do just that! 

Today I am embarking on a journey, a journey, that with the help of HaShem will give me chances to fail, and grow and become a better version of myself! This journey leads me to a land, a land that my people has come from and that I am returning to now. Israel is the place where the Jewish soul can thrive best and that's why I chose that place from all places to begin my journey. That land is blessed by HaShem and it will give me the necessary strength to achieve my goals.

You ask what exactly I will be doing there? That's a fine question and the answer is I don't know 100%. I will be part of a program where the participants will be learning Jewish Texts - thats what the institution is calling it, I like the term "Torah" more. Torah is more than just a Jewish Text. Torah is a guideline for a life aligned with the awareness of something bigger than yourself - many call that "G-d". Torah gives us a blueprint of a world filled with G-dliness. This awareness is what enables us to have a relationship with this G-dlines! When we treat other people around us and ourselves with the awareness that we all are created in the Image of that G-dliness, I believe the world will be a better place. 

The program I will be attending will try to teach me how to give this Torah on to the next generations. Exactly that, and only that is what has given my people the strength to survive all the empires that wanted to eradicate us. Education. 

Thanks for reading! More to follow :)

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