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first visit to the city

After breakfast I went out to exchange some Euros to Shekel and to send a package someone gave me in the mail. On the way I passed throw the Mamila mall and now I know what everyone is talking about when they say Mamila. I didn't feel like my knowledge of Jerusalem, my city of birth, was complete without this. The weather outside was very hot (there is a heatwave here in Israel right now) and I am desperately in need of a day sleep, but we are having our Opening Circle with the Pardes Year program and I am meeting all the people I will be learning Torah with this year!

Here are some impressions of my visit to the city.

That is a random beautiful street on the way to the post office:

That's a panorama of the central post office:

In the Mamila mall there were beautiful art sculptures but sadly I didn't manage to make pictures as I was in a little hurry. 

Also today I learned that taking the bus in Jerusalem isn't necessarily the fastest option. Thus, I am still looking for a best way for me to get around the city. 


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